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We run Foundation and Professional Training courses in the Enneagram.  We are licenced by The Narrative Enneagram/Enneagram Worldwide as the official providers of their Enneagram Narrative Tradition Professional Training Programme in the UK and Ireland.

Online workshops in 2020
The following Enneagram Training workshops are now ONLINE for 2020.  Wherever you are in the world, come and join us!

September 2020 – Growth with the Subtypes

September 2020 – Panel and Teacher Training workshop

In addition, some regional Enneagram groups are now operating online – see Enneagram Activities for details.

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The Enneagram offers:

  • A compassionate and challenging way to understand your own and other people’s functioning
  • A rapid, powerful and effective method for personal and professional development and self-management

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Whether you are on a personal growth journey or you work to guide, coach or counsel others, Enneagram Training can help you find the course or people that will enable you to move forward in your development.  We hope you enjoy exploring our website, and if you can’t find what you need there…….  Contact us with your question!