Welcome to Enneagram Training!

Do you ever wish you had…..
  • A compassionate and challenging way to understand your own and other people’s functioning?
  • A rapid, powerful and effective method for personal and professional development and self-management?

The Enneagram is a clear, powerful and effective method for personal and professional growth.

It offers us:

  • a deep and clear psychological description of nine personality structures.
  • knowledge and wisdom about processes for transformation that have been tried and tested for generations.
  • a profound journey of personal and/or professional learning, which enables us to grow by leaps and bounds.  

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We are Enneagram Training

We are based in the UK and Ireland and we offer Enneagram training programmes in English in the Narrative Tradition to participants across Europe:

So we’re a great place to find out about what’s going on in the Enneagram in UK and Ireland – do contact us with your Enneagram questions.

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5 Day Intensive Growth Journey course (Normally £880.00) First 20 places only £700.00

Foundation Programme package  – 10 days training (Normally £1700.00) First 20 places only £1400.00

Working with the Enneagram can help you to:
  • face your own fears and shadows and overcome them
  • re-connect to yourself and others
  • live from your best self and higher values
  • move to the next level in terms of professionalism and maturity
  • gain an approach that you can use with others.

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Whether you are on a personal growth journey or you work to guide, coach or counsel others, Enneagram Training can help you find the course or people that will enable you to move forward in your development!