About us

Enneagram Training is an independent Enneagram training school, licensed by The Narrative Enneagram to facilitate professional training courses in the UK and Ireland.

Why choose Enneagram Training?
  • Some of the most experienced Enneagram trainers in the UK and Ireland (see below).
  • Leading edge materials in the Narrative Tradition, developed and adapted by our tutors.
  • A compassionate, challenging and engaging approach, blending the best of theory and current practice.
  • Welcoming and trusted venue within easy reach of Birmingham International Airport. (Hillscourt) (except for online courses).
  • A strong supportive community of Enneagram staff and students.
Our Core Team

Every member of our core team is a fully qualified Enneagram professional, certified as a teacher in the Narrative Tradition. They have all studied with teachers from The Narrative Enneagram school, including Helen Palmer and David Daniels, founders of the Enneagram Professional Training Programme.

Rosemary Cowan

Rosemary Cowan lives and works in London, UK. She is a registered psychotherapist and couples counsellor with a masters in Transpersonal Counselling & Psychotherapy. She uses the Enneagram, among other models, in her work with her clients, and with teams and individuals in a business context.

In 2002 she set up the London Enneagram Centre, which holds monthly Enneagram meetings.  She also runs several Introductory workshops per year in central London. She regularly conducts interviews and group sessions with private individuals, organisations and business teams to help them to use the Enneagram to develop more skilful and effective relationships.

Rosemary is a lead trainer at Enneagram Training and supervises trainee Enneagram teachers, both in the UK and internationally.

Heather Brown

Heather Brown is a leadership development consultant and coach.  Her work with corporate, public and third sector clients has included running workshops using the Enneagram to enhance team effectiveness, and for personal and life/spiritual development, and coaching teams for business effectiveness. She has a Masters in Personal and Organisational Development from Middlesex University, and a Level 7 Diploma in Leadership Mentoring and Executive Coaching.

Heather says: “I first encountered the Enneagram in 2001, and certified as a teacher in 2004, having attended training in the UK, the Netherlands and France.   On my first training course I realised in no uncertain terms that I needed to live the Enneagram, not just learn about it.  It has had a profound effect on me as a person, and has enhanced and deepened the work I do with others.  I can’t imagine being without it.”

Heather is a lead trainer at Enneagram Training, and also supervises trainee Enneagram Teachers in the UK and internationally.

Martin Quigley

Martin Quigley is a professional Enneagram trainer and coach.  He has studied and worked with the Enneagram delivering coaching and training to individuals, couples and groups for over 25 years. He is certified by the Palmer/Daniels school and accredited by the International Enneagram Association.  He has worked in industry for 28 years in a number of senior roles both in business operations and Human Resources. An experienced Career Coach, he offered career planning advice incorporating the Enneagram.

As a certified trainer through the Enneagram in Business organisation he applied the Enneagram in his coaching, leadership and team development practice.

Martin is a lead trainer at  Enneagram Training,  and also supervises trainee Enneagram teachers in Ireland, UK and internationally.

Helen English

Helen is an Executive Coach, Life Coach, Workshop facilitator and OD Consultant with 18 years Enneagram experience. Creating value by releasing people and talent potential has been central to her entire career in corporate, public and not-for-profit organisations.

After first working in Learning & Development (Chartered MCIPD) she moved into Management Consulting and Organisation Development, gaining a Masters Degree in Change Consulting and Coaching.  Helen is also a Certified Integral Coach with New Ventures West and ICF member.

Long-term practice within a Taoist Wisdom Tradition and in Systemic Family Constellations further enriches her client work. Helen loves helping people to discover and use the amazing map of human experience and potential that is uniquely available through the Enneagram.

Helen is an Enneagram Training coach and supervises Enneagram typing trainees in the UK and internationally.

Antigony Langley

Antigony Langley lives and works in London, UK.  She qualified as an Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapist in 2009 and as an Enneagram Teacher in 2015.  Antigony uses the Enneagram to inform her practice in her work with clients. She believes that an exploration of both the psychological and spiritual dimensions of the Enneagram are necessary for the work of transformation.

Antigony is also a qualified Western and Chinese Astrologer and a Flying Stars Feng Shui Consultant. She also studies the esoteric, including numerology, the Tarot and the I Ching.

Antigony is an Enneagram Training coach and supervises Enneagram typing trainees in the UK and internationally.

Liz West

Liz West works as an Enneagram trainer, qualifying with The Narrative Enneagram in 2015. Having been personally impacted by the Enneagram, Liz now uses her knowledge to lead workshops, groups and leadership teams, as well as one-to-one coaching with those who are using the Enneagram in their work and personal lives.

Having started her work life as a social worker, Liz has since been involved in leadership development in different forms, originally developing peer leadership amongst young people.  Her book on this subject, “The D Factor”, was published in 2002. In the process of her career with adult leadership, she has helped to establish four different charities, working with innovative models of church.  She also works with people at key moments of change in their lives.

Liz is an Enneagram Training coach and supervises Enneagram typing trainees in the UK and internationally.

Jill Foulger

Jill Foulger is a counsellor with 20 years’ experience and is an accredited member of the BACP. Alongside this she has broad experience teaching the Enneagram and has been qualified with the Narrative Tradition since 2011. Her experience with the Enneagram is one of the tools she uses in her practice.

Jill facilitates Enneagram workshops and classes with business and faith groups. She has been leading the St Albans Monthly Enneagram group for 10 years and this is an active part in building a local Enneagram community.  She enjoys the Narrative Tradition which values each person and is interested in helping people to connect with the inner resources they need to live fully. Jill is also a spiritual director.

Jill  is an Enneagram Training coach and supervises Enneagram typing trainees in the UK and internationally.

Find out more about our approach to Enneagram teaching here.