Panel Facilitation Training

 What is an Enneagram Panel?

In the Narrative Tradition, we believe that people learn most deeply when they find and work things out for themselves; when they notice their own experience and reflect on what it means.

In a Panel Interview 2-6 people who identify with the same type talk about their experiences in response to questions from an Enneagram practitioner. Panels start with a meditation, and then the facilitator focuses on the aspect of the type mechanism which will be explored in this session, such as what it is like to be in relationship etc.  Each person gets the chance to speak if they want to, and their experience is taken seriously and respected, which means that people can really feel that they are seen, heard and understood.  Moreover, those observing begin to see that the panel – of 2-6 people – who may be very dissimilar in age, background, gender, appearance etc. are very similar in their outlook and beliefs; as the panel progresses these similarities become more and more evident.

The people who are being interviewed really need to think deeply about themselves and then formulate their thoughts precisely.  As they make explicit what’s going on in their inner world, they become more aware of things that they might have taken for granted. The way our inner world works is so normal and logical for us that we don’t recognise it as part of our personality structure: “Doesn’t everyone feel that?” or “Doesn’t everyone do that?” When we realise this isn’t true for every type mechanism, often a moment of silence and awareness follows. Once we realise that our unconscious belief is not universal, we can more easily adjust it or even let it go.

Deep down inside we do know ourselves, but because our inner knowing is hidden underneath the layers of our type mechanism, we don’t have easy access to it. The mechanism gets in the way. However, when we relax our type mechanism during silence or guided meditation, the answers to questions and solutions to problems often surface with remarkable clarity. Suddenly we do know what we really want or desire.

What is the Panel Facilitation Training?

In order to embark on Panel Facilitator training you need to have completed the Foundation Programme and the Typing Process Training.

During the Foundation Programme you will have experienced many Panels, both as a participant and as an observer.  This will have given you a visceral experience of how different the type energies are from each other.  Your Typing Process training will have given you an in-depth knowledge of the type mechanisms of all nine types, not just your own.

The Panel Facilitation training builds on this by focusing on:

  • how to hold the space for a group of individuals so that each person can go as deeply inside themselves as they are ready to do on that day
  • how to honour and cherish the insights and experiences individuals bring to the surface
  • how to question them so that their insight grows and the audience can learn too
  • and most importantly, how to centre and ground yourself so that you can set aside your own type biases and be truly present to the person who is talking.
Training Programme

You will work with a supervisor (usually a different supervisor from the one you did your typing process training with) to work through the training programme below:

  • 1:1 training session with your supervisor on panel theory, type bias, grounding, preparation etc
  • A total of 4 practice panels where you bring together groups of people to explore their type in your company.  2 of these are supervised/supported face to face or on Skype  with your supervisor.
  • 1:1 review session with your supervisor, to talk about the panels you have facilitated and prepare for your assessed panels.

The assessment for Panel Facilitator is to attend the Intensive Growth Workshop as a trainee panel facilitator.  (The fee for the workshop is half-price, but you will need to pay for your own travel, accommodation/conference fees).  During the Intensive you will:

  • observe the tutors conducting panels, and talk with tutors about what you have observed.
  • conduct 2 panels yourself, with support and supervision from a tutor.
  • take your own Enneagram journey forward by taking part in panels and all the reflective activities of the Intensive.

On successful completion of these activities you will receive a certificate to state that you are a qualified Panel Facilitator.  Of course, this is like passing your driving test; it is only after your qualification that you can really deepen your experience of facilitating panels.  Your supervisor will work with you to support you during your first panel interviews after you qualify.

Dates and Prices

Panel Facilitator  £500.00

There is no formal workshop for the Panel Facilitation training.  Your fee includes the training sessions with your supervisor and your support/feedback during the assessment process at the Intensive Growth Journey course.

Contact us if you are an accreditated Typing Process Practitioner and wish to discuss Panel Facilitation Training.

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