Our Approach

Our  courses use the Narrative  Enneagram  method plus the transformational method developed by Enneagram Europe.

Find out what Jeanette van Stijn says about the Transformational method here ….. 

How we work with you
  • small groups, most of the time around 15 participants with the exception of the Intensive Growth Journey which works best with 20-25 participants
  • a very interactive way of working which invites and stimulates everyone to participate
  • lots of personal attention and support from our tutor team
  • individual support and coaching available throughout the workshops
  • thorough, personal and face-to-face support from your supervisor when you choose to go for qualification.
Our student community
  • you’ll get to know your fellow participants really well; we’ve seen support groups, study groups and friendships that last for years and years
  • you’ll experience being seen, heard, understood and supported on your Growth Journey as both a person and a professional.
Ongoing benefits of attending an EnneagramTraining course
  • being able to attend follow up training courses which we offer consistently on a yearly basis
  • becoming part of our network
  • enjoying the support of a professional office which is there to support you with all your practical questions.
We want to make Enneagram training accessible for everyone…..

Offering high quality training by highly trained teachers comes at a price. However, we don’t want people who share our mission to be put off because the price is an obstacle.

We’re very happy if you’d like to pay in instalments, as long as you complete payment for each workshop before you attend it.  Please contact us to discuss our instalment plan.