Enneagram One to One Practitioner

Using the Enneagram to help clients create lasting change

Are you working one-to-one with clients, in HR, social work, coaching, counselling, psychotherapy, spiritual direction?  Or perhaps you are a manager wanting to work more effectively with your team?

Through attending this training, you will:

  • Learn skills and practices for working one-to-one with the Enneagram and
  • Deepen your personal journey with the Enneagram, including working with defences and higher qualities.
The Programme

3 day workshop

During the workshop you will:

  • Explore the key principles of using the Enneagram in a one-to-one context
  • Practise utilising different Enneagram concepts, applying them in a one-to-one context, and get feedback
  • Hear from each of the nine types about strategies that help them grow
  • Work with your own growth edge as a practitioner
  • Build skills in self-reflection, self-observation and receptive awareness.

Qualification studies – supervised practice

  • You work with a supervisor, who is a faculty member at Enneagram Training, for 6 sessions.
  • Each session consists of facilitating a 60-minute client engagement to develop a specific Enneagram theme.
  • You record each client session and review it with your supervisor.
  • You also need to carry out at least 10 further client sessions, to practise what you are learning.


  • Record 1 additional 60-minute client session, for review by a different member of Enneagram Training core faculty.
  • Complete a written review of a Growth Journey with a specific client.


On successful completion of these activities, you will receive a certificate to state that you are a Certified Enneagram One-to-One Practitioner. Please note, this qualification does not replace a coaching or counselling qualification; it is specifically about using the Enneagram in a 1:1 context.


Dates & Times:

5- 7 November 2021, face to face at Hillscourt, Birmingham UK

4-6 November 2022, face to face at Hillscourt, Birmingham UK


£1,600 – includes workshop,  supervised practice and assessment (accommodation extra)

Who can attend?

You are eligible to start the programme if you have completed the Enneagram Training Foundation Programme and at least 5 supervised sessions of your Typing Practitioner Training plus the written review. Entry may be also available for students who have reached a similar level with another Enneagram school. Contact us if this is your situation.

If you have a current accreditation in Coaching, Psychotherapy, Counselling or other similar profession and have completed Enneagram Typing Training, you can attend the 1:1 workshop as a standalone, for which you will receive a certificate of attendance.  However, if you wish to certify, you must carry out the supervised practice and assessment.

Dates, Prices and Registration

Find out more about the Foundation Programme here ….. 

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