Instincts and Subtypes

What are the instincts/subtypes?

We all have three core survival instincts: Self Preservation, One to One and Social.:

  • the self-preservation domain – aspects such as healthy food, exercise, relaxation time, sleep but also financial security, organising your life, your home etc;
  • the 1-to-1 or sexual domain – aspects like maintaining healthy (love) relationships, friendships, intimacy, etc.
  • the social domain – aspects such as feeling that you belong/don’t belong to groups, being concerned about how society operates and your role in it etc;

In order to live a happier, more healthy and complete life we need to balance all three domains in our life and in ourselves.

According to where we put most of our energy, our Enneagram type can show up very differently in the world, so people with the same Enneagram type but different dominant instincts/subtypes can have very different priorities in life and handle relationships very differently. This course will help you to understand your own preferences and handle relationships more effectively.

The  Course Programme

The Enneagram Training  Growth with the Subtypes course is unlike most other training courses on the Subtypes. We do NOT focus just on the theory of all 27 Subtypes but also on the knowledge and insights you can gain, and on practical ways in which you can work with this for yourself and with your clients.

The Growth with the Subtypes Training is the training with the most practical application because once we are aware of  our instinctual behaviour, it’s easier to change it when it doesn’t serve us.  Moreover, this training is the one that will confirm (or disconfirm) your type; participants often have an “Aha!” experience and realise their true Enneagram type.  For these two reasons, I especially enjoy delivering this training; we see participants gain insight and leave with practical plans for change.”– Rosemary Cowan

Subtypes Course Price

Standalone Cost £704.00   First 10 places £600.00

3-5 AND 24-26 September 2021 ONINE (6 x 4 hour sessions, 9.30-13.30)

16-18 September 2022, face to face at Hillscourt conference centre, Birmingham

AND…. You can get an even better deal if you enrol for all three Foundation Programme courses together:

Foundation Programme Package Deal – £1900.00; first 20 places £1500.00
Venue, board and lodging

Online courses – no accommodation costs.

For details of accommodation prices for 2022, please click here.

Who is this workshop for?
  • people who want to start their Enneagram journey
  • people who are familiar with the Enneagram and want to  explore Instincts/Subtypes
  • certified Enneagram teachers
  • coaches, counsellors and other guidance professionals.
What will you gain from attending?

For your own personal development:

  • insight and understanding about why you tend to be overly concerned with one domain and neglect another;
  • what this gives you and what it costs you;
  • improved understanding of your work and, particularly, personal relationships;
  • how to take action to balance your subtypes and the benefits this brings.

For you as a coach or counsellor:

  • how to work with the Subtypes in your work with others;
  • how to home in more quickly on where your clients need to focus for their next growth step;
  • understanding how subtypes help your clients to make progress in their life, relationships and work.

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