In order to become an Enneagram Professional you need to certify with one of the main Enneagram schools.  Enneagram Training is the licenced UK and Ireland provider of The Narrative Enneagram/Enneagram Worldwide Professional Training Programme (EPTP).

The EPTP consists of the Foundation Programme, Typing Practitioner training and Panel/teacher training OR One to One Practitioner training. (16 days training, plus a minimum of 30 hours of supervised work during your internships (plus typically about 55 hours of private study).

In 2021 there is a special UK offer of a total cost of £4,300.00 plus accommodation, if you enrol for the complete EPTP leading to qualification as a teacher OR as a One to One Practitioner.  See below for details of each part of the training.

Part 1 – Foundation Programme – here you build your knowledge of  your Enneagram type and use it for your own development journey, before you start to work with other people. (11 days training)

Part 2 – Professional Skills – input and  supervised practice in order to certify at various professional levels:

  • Typing Practitioner – 2 days training plus a minimum of 40 hours study/practice plus 15 hours supervision and assessment
  •  Panel Facilitator and Enneagram Teacher – in addition to Typing Practitioner, 3 days training plus a minimum of  35 hours study/practice, plus 15 hours supervision and assessment
  • One to One Practitioner – in addition to Typing Practitioner, 3 days training plus a minimum of 35 hours study/practice, plus 13 hours supervision/assessment.

Please see  dates, prices and registration for further details on costs, and the page for each training for details of course content.

NB If you have started your training with another school and would like to continue with us, please do contact us to discuss how we can help you to continue your training.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Activities

Here are the two professional organisations for Enneagram Professionals in the Narrative Tradition:

The Narrative Enneagram

International Enneagram Association

You can also click here to find details of CPD activities in the UK and Ireland

And if you can’t find what you’re looking for in these places, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help!