Frequently Asked Questions

Covid update October 2020

We have put all our workshops for 2020 online and these are now full.  We hope to be face to face for our 2021 programme, and you can find details of workshops on each page.  We will keep reviewing the situation and we will update the website at regular intervals.  Please  Contact us with your questions!

The Foundation Programme

Can I choose which training to start with?

Our professional training programme starts with the Foundation Programme. You can begin this with the Intensive Growth Journey or Growth with the Subtypes. In Growth with the Subtypes you learn how our Subtype orientation shows up in our everyday behaviour, and how to work with this. In the Intensive you learn about the motivations which underpin these behaviours, and you practise and experience the method for development with the Enneagram.

The Intensive builds the foundation which enables you to take our other  courses such as Foundations of Spiritual Awareness.  There are no exemptions for the Intensive – it is the bedrock for further development, and an experience that all our participants share. Over the years a number of people have felt they could skip the Intensive, but afterwards were thrilled to have taken part.  If you feel that you do have enough experience and knowledge to skip the Intensive, you can file a request for exemption. This process will include an interview.

Do I need to prepare for the Intensive?

Basic knowledge of the Enneagram model and the nine types is required. Without this basic knowledge, participation is very challenging because we don’t explain the 9 Types from the beginning – we expect you to know at least the basics. If you’re not sure about whether you have sufficient basic knowledge, please contact us.

Do I need to know my Enneagram type?

In order to take part in the Foundation Programme, you need to know your Enneagram type. If you are not sure of your type before taking part, please contact us so we can arrange for a typing interview with one of our trainers. You can also mention this in your registration form.

Who are the trainers?

The training programmes are taught by a team of 3 of the most experienced Enneagram trainers in the UK and Ireland: Rosemary CowanMartin Quigley and Heather Brown. To support participants we also have an experienced team of coaches, including Helen English and Antigony Langley.

Professional Training

Do I need to complete the Foundation Programme before I can train as a Typing Practitioner or do Panel/Teacher Training?

You need to complete the Intensive and Foundations of Spiritual Awareness, because these courses enable you to do the inner personal work necessary before you can start to work with other people. We may consider an exemption from the Subtypes course if you have attended a similar course elsewhere. Contact us if you wish to discuss this.

Financial questions

What’s included in the course cost?

The course cost includes the workshop, all materials and the support of the tutors.  It does not include accommodation.  You pay this separately, direct to the venue.  If you are paying from a different country, you may need to pay charges in order to change your money.

Do I have to pay the complete amount on registration?

Normally you pay the full amount on registration.  If you have enrolled for the  complete Foundation programme, or for the Typing Practitioner Training, you can pay in instalments. You must have completed payment for each course before you attend it.

Can I cancel my registration?

Our normal cancellation policy is set out below.  However, in the current Covid situation we will of course be flexible; contact us to discuss your situation:

  • cancellation up to 2 months before training starts: the training fee is refunded minus an amount for administrative costs of £ 50 for a 2- and 3-day course and £ 75 for the 5-day course
  • cancellation between 2 and 1 months before training starts:50% of the training fee will be refunded
  • cancellation within a month before the training starts: the complete fee must be paid. Even if you haven’t fully paid, this condition applies. If you want someone else to take your place, please talk to us about that.

Do not forget that you will also need to cancel your accommodation (hotel, B&B etc).

Practical information

Do I receive a certificate of attendance?

On completing the Foundation Programme you will receive a certificate of attendance, which details CPD hours.

After completing the Enneagram Typing Practitioner or  Panel and Teacher training you will receive a certificate of qualification.

What’s the time schedule?

Face to face

On the first training day you are welcome from 9.30 am.
The training starts at 10 am.  The training days are intensive:

  • mornings from 8.45 – 12.30 hrs (except for the day the training starts)
  • afternoons from 13.30 – 18.00 hrs
  • evenings from 19.00 – 21.00 hrs

On the last day, the course finishes at around 16.30 hrs.


We work in 4 hour sessions, 9.30 to 13.30.  Our experience shows that this gives a better learning experience than working full days.

When will I receive joining instructions?

As soon as you register, you will receive information about the venue and how to book accommodation.

About three weeks before the training starts, we will send you all the other practical information.  Besides information such as times, the address and materials to bring, this also lists any pre-work assignments if applicable.

What are the group sizes?

The group size differs for each course.  To give you a bit of an idea:

  • 5 day Intensive Growth Journey: approx. 25 participants
  • Other Foundation courses: 15-20 participants
  • Professional training courses: 8-10 participants

Staff ratios are typically about 1:8

Are meals and accommodation included in the training?

The course fees do not include meals and accommodation. On the page for each training course you can see where the training takes place and how to book your accommodation.

Can I enrol as a non-resident/day delegate?

Yes you can – but we work long days (see above), and you may decide that it’s easier to stay at the venue.  If you are not staying at the training location overnight, you still need to book and pay a day delegate fee for your meals during the training days (lunches and dinners).  You can find the price for this on the page for each course.

Is it possible to attend for part of a course? (ie miss a bit)

Our courses are all intensive and follow a sequence which is difficult to dip in and out of. If your other commitments mean that you would have to miss part of a course, we will usually recommend that you book for a later course.

If your question is not answered here, please Contact Us