Deepening Spiritual Awareness

In the Intensive Growth Journey you deepened your knowledge of the psychological side of the Enneagram.  The 3-day Deepening Spiritual Awareness course follows on from the Intensive and is effectively a toolkit for Enneagram Growth – how to journey with your type.

  • working with your type –  we explore reactivity and how you can increase your range of options for responding to life situations.
  • transcending your type – we explore the healing journey, the Higher Self and how to use this for self-development.

During the course you will:

  • explore how to catch yourself when your type is not serving you well, and find alternative options, using the wisdom of the other types
  • investigate the inner path that leads to more balance, inner peace, real choice and fulfilment
  • learn how to lessen the compulsive nature of your Enneagram type mechanism and become more free
  • experience a variety of practices that you can integrate into your daily life in order to relax your type pattern.

Deepening Spiritual Awareness (DSA) follows on from the Intensive, so you must complete the Intensive before attending DSA.  DSA starts at 09:30 am on Day 1. On subsequent days we work from 8.45 am to around 9:00 pm. On the last day we finish at around 4:30/5:00 pm. Deepneing Spiritual Awareness has a CPD value of 25.5 contact hours.

Feedback from a participant:

“I love the Deepening Spiritual Awareness course – a wonderful mixture of input, learning from each other, and meditations; a kind of teaching-retreat. It’s a deep breath of air; an inner refreshment.”  Mary Wood, Administrator, Christian Aid

Dates and Prices

24-26 June 2022, face to face at Hillscourt, Birmingham

23-25 June 2023, face to face at Hillscourt, Birmingham

Standalone Cost £704.00, first 20 places £600  AND…. You can get an even better deal if you enrol for all three Foundation Programme courses together:

Foundation Programme Package Deal  – £1900.00 – first 20 places £1500.00
Venue, board and lodging

Foundations of Spiritual Awareness takes place at Hillscourt Conference Centre, Rednal, Birmingham. For accommodation costs, click here.

For full dates, prices and how to register, click here.
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