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Below is a list of qualified Enneagram practitioners who have trained either with Enneagram Training or with another Narrative Tradition School.  They have signed up to abide by the Enneagram Training Code of Ethics.

Enneagram Training core faculty

Heather Brown  is based in Winchester, UK, and is a leadership development consultant, facilitator and coach with a diploma in Executive Coaching and a masters in Personal and Organisational Development. She is also a qualified Shiatsu practitioner and can integrate bodywork into her work with clients.


Rosemary Cowan  lives and works in London, UK. She is a registered psychotherapist and couples counsellor with a masters in Transpersonal Counselling & Psychotherapy. She uses the Enneagram, among other models, in her work with her clients, and with teams and individuals in a business context.

Martin Quigley  lives in Dublin, Ireland and is a professional Enneagram trainer and coach who  delivers coaching and training to individuals, couples and groups.  He has held a number of senior roles both in business operations and Human Resources and also offers career planning advice incorporating the Enneagram.

Helen English  lives in Dorset, UK and is an Executive Coach, Life Coach, Workshop facilitator and OD Consultant.  She is a Certified Integral Coach and ICF member. Long-term practice within a Taoist Wisdom Tradition and in Systemic Family Constellations further enriches her client work.


Jill-1.jpg (3000×4000)Jill Foulger  is based in St Albans, UK and is a counsellor with 20 years’  experience facilitating Enneagram workshops and classes with business and faith groups. She has been leading the St Albans Monthly Enneagram group for 10 years and is also a spiritual director.


Antigony Langley lives and works in London, UK as an Integrative Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Enneagram Teacher.  She is also a qualified Western and Chinese Astrologer and a Flying Stars Feng Shui Consultant, with a background in numerology, the Tarot and the I Ching.


Liz West  is based in Oxford UK, has a background in social work and now works as an Enneagram trainer leading workshops, groups and leadership teams, as well as one-to-one coaching. Liz has helped to establish four different charities, working with innovative models of church.

Certified Panel Facilitators and Teachers

These people have completed 270 hours of professional training with Enneagram Training or another Narrative Tradition School, (Foundation, Typing Practitioner and Panel/Teacher training) plus many hours of practice.

Teresa Daniels lives in Canterbury, Kent. A counsellor and mBIT coach, she has also taught in post-16 education and lectured on psychology and health. She is part of the Enneafest and the Enneagram Alive teams and runs the Facebook group Enneagram Events. She offers online and in person one to one teaching and typing sessions, and workshops for teams and groups.

Amanda Hedger is based in Kent, UK. Amanda is an experienced psychotherapist and counselling trainer. She offers Enneagram informed therapy sessions online, stand-alone typing interviews and a block of sessions around finding type and gaining a deeper understanding of what this means for your life and relationships. She also offers small group training sessions upon request.

Phyllis Jordan lives in Mayo, Ireland. She is passionate about the wisdom of the Enneagram and offers workshops and typing sessions  online and in-person. She is near completion in her training in spiritual guidance and is also a qualified Kairos energy healing practitioner. She has a B.Sc in Clinical Speech and Language and works with the health service.


Shaun McMahon is based in Melbourne, Australia. He is a psychotherapist who offers typing interviews, and enneagram coaching and counselling in his private practice. Shaun also founded the Melbourne Enneagram Centre in 2019, and hosts monthly Enneagram workshops in Melbourne.


Therese Ryan  is based in Sligo, Ireland. She is a teacher, facilitator and coach. She is also a certified Focusing Professional and an Iyengar Yoga teacher. She offers one to one coaching, typing sessions as well as workshops for teams and groups online and in person.


If you are an accredited Narrative Tradition teacher active in the UK and Ireland, and would like to be listed here, please contact Heather Brown.

Enneagram Training Certified Typing Practitioners

These people have completed 176  hours of professional training with Enneagram Training, (Foundation and Typing Practitioner) plus many hours of practice. If their contact details are not listed here, please contact us.

Helen Calder is based in Gloucestershire and offers Enneagram typing interviews as part of her coaching practice. She uses Enneagram wisdom to enhance her violin performance and to inspire creative writing. She enjoys supporting creatives as well as those exploring or ‘deconstructing’ Christian spirituality.


Anna Fra  is based in the City of London. She is an Enneagram typing practitioner and Shiatsu Therapist and holds an MSc in clinical Psychology from the University of Salamanca in her native Spain. She offers in person and online typing interviews.


Jeanie Honey is based in Devon, UK. Jeanie supports personal, emotional and spiritual growth through her coaching practice, group work, and retreats. She offers enneagram typing interviews and follow- up sessions. Her background is in adoption social work. 


Ana Paula Jenkins is based in Dubai, UAE. She is a professional trained Coactive Life Coach and a Nonviolent Communication Facilitator. She helps other women to improve their day-to-day lives and relationships. Ana offers individual and small group sessions, online and in person.


Belinda Norrington is based in north Hertfordshire, UK. She is an certified mindfulness teacher and Enneagram Typing Practitioner. She offers 1-1 classes and group work for those looking to deepen their self-awareness, creativity and mindful living.


Andy Proudfoot is based in Ashburnham, East Sussex England. Andy is passionate about helping individuals and teams thrive within busy organisational settings. He offers typing interviews and leadership development workshops as part of his private Enneagram teaching practice.


Jani Rubery  I am a Surrey based organisational psychologist  and a  qualified  Enneagram Practitioner in the narrative tradition.  I am passionate about accompanying  people through coaching, spiritual direction and mentoring, as they  deepen their awareness of themselves and the Divine.


Angela Scott is based in Poole. As a business and leadership coach, Angela is passionate about increasing the visibility and acceptance of the Enneagram in the corporate world. She is part of the Enneagram Alive team, and is currently completing her panel and teacher practicum with Enneagram Training.

Helen Watts is based in Oxford, UK. She offers coaching for those in transition of any sort, typing interviews and enneagram workshops (currently in training). She runs a monthly enneagram group online as part of the Oxford Enneagram Community.


Terry Wood lives near Bristol, UK.  He offers typing sessions (either online or in person) while he trains to become an Enneagram Teacher. Terry is also currently training to be a Spiritual Director and is excited about how the Enneagram informs our spiritual journey.