We don’t have a blog as such, but we do publish regular articles here.  We also signpost workshops and conferences which are happening around the UK and Ireland.  We hope they will aid your Enneagram explorations, and give you ideas about how you can use the Enneagram to help you in your life and work.

If there’s an  Enneagram topic that interests you and you can’t find anything about it below, contact us with your question and we’ll try to help!

We look forward to exploring the Enneagram with you.

Rosemary, Heather, Martin and Helen

What’s in this section right now?

About the Enneagram
The Enneagram Types in Detail
Journeying with the Enneagram
Reconnecting with your true Self
Research on the Enneagram
How meditation was invented?
A Daoist perspective on the Enneagram
Further Enneagram Activities around the UK and Ireland