Enneagram Typing Practitioner

Would you like to learn how to interview people effectively, to explore their basic drive and help them discover their Enneagram type?

The Typing Practitioner Training Programme

Typing is the core skill for every professional who works with the Enneagram. In order to become a qualified Typing Practitioner you need to complete the Foundation Programme plus the Typing Practitioner training.

The Typing Practitioner programme consists of:

  • 2-day training in Typing Process skills
  • minimum of 16 practice interviews, of which 8 are supervised by an Enneagram Training facilitator
  • Written and practical examination
The Typing Process Skills Course

In this 2-day course you’ll learn an efficient and effective interview strategy to explore someone’s basic drive. You’ll develop your own script, practise with it and, at the same time, deepen your knowledge of the nine types.

You’ll also learn:

  • the difference between questions that do and don’t work, and why
  • how to differentiate between the non-verbals, mimics, energy, use of words etc. of the nine types
  • the most important lookalikes and how to separate them from each other
  • your own type bias and how to recognise and relax it
  • grounding and building rapport.
Qualification Studies

In order to qualify as a typing practitioner you then need to complete supervision and assessment activities:

You conduct 8 supervised interviews, after which you receive feedback.  In between you practise, so that you carry out a minimum of 16 typing interviews in total (most students do at least 20). Through this iterative process you become proficient in the necessary skills to really  master the typing process. One of the 8 interviews is supervised by a different supervisor, giving you experience of another style. Qualifiers invariably tell us that they have gained much added value from supervision, for their own personal growth as well for improving their interviewing skills.

You complete a written review about your knowledge of type.  You also carry out a live (or via Skype) assessment typing interview overseen by a different supervisor.

 Once you successfully complete the activities above you will receive a certificate as a Qualified Typing Practitioner with Enneagram Training.

You can start the Typing Practitioner training as soon as you have completed the Intensive Growth Journey, but you will need to complete the rest of the Foundation Programme before  you can qualify as a Typing Practitioner.

Dates and Prices

Typing Process Skills Course:

21-22 September 2019 and

21-22 March 2020

Mary Wood recently qualified as a Typing Practitioner

Typing Process Practitioner 2019 – £1400.00

The price for the Typing Process Practitioner Qualification  includes:

  • 2-day training in Typing Process skills
  • 8 x supervision sessions to practise Typing Process skills
  • Written and practical examination.

In exceptional circumstances the Typing Process skills course may be available as a standalone.  If you wish to talk about this possibility, please contact us.

Dates, Prices and Registration

Venue, board and lodging

The Typing Practitioner  Skills Course  will take place in central London. You will need to arrange your own accommodation and breakfast. The training group will make arrangements together for lunch and dinner.

Find out more about the Foundation Programme here ….. 

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