Intensive Growth Journey

new for 2022! Intensive in ireland

After a long absence Enneagram Training is delighted to announce that the 5 day residential Intensive Growth Journey will be held in Tullow, County Carlow, Ireland from  2nd to 6th September  2022. For course details, please see below.  For venue details, please click here.

what is the intensive?

  • Are you on a personal development path?
  • Do you want to live consciously and/or are you interested in transformative work?
  • Do you work with other people to support them and inspire their growth?

The Intensive Growth Journey is the first step to learning to cope in a fundamentally different way with difficult situations, unwanted habits and challenging people.

  • It has been running for over 30 years all over the world.
  • It teaches you the basic knowledge and skills needed to use the Enneagram in your life, practice or work.
  • It provides the solid basis required if you want to undertake further Professional Training.
The programme

The Intensive Growth Journey is a five-day, in-depth, experiential development journey.  It elegantly interweaves short theoretical pieces, interactive exercises, panel interviews and personal exploration.   During this time you will:

  • deepen your knowledge of and insight into the psychology of the nine types, and explore your own patterns
  • learn about the nine defence mechanisms, patterns of reactive behaviour and growth paths
  • learn skills and practices to reflect on, identify and take the next steps on your own growth journey.

The Intensive Growth Journey starts at 09:30 am on Day 1. On subsequent days we work from 8.45 am until around 9:00 pm. On the last day we finish at around 4:30/5:00 pm. The Intensive Growth Journey has a CPD value of 43.5 contact hours.

Course Dates and Prices

Intensive Growth Journey:

14-18 April 2023, face to face at Hillscourt Conference Centre, Birmingham

Standalone Cost £880.00. First 20 places: £770.00. 

2-6 September 2022, face to face at Teach Bhride, Tullow, County Carlow, (near Dublin), Ireland.

Standalone Cost €1060.00.  First 20 places:  €930.00

 AND…. You can get an even better deal if you enrol for all three Foundation Programme courses together.

Foundation Programme Package Deal – £1900.00; first 20 places £1500.00/€1782.00
What sort of people come on the Intensive?

Men, women, young, old, experienced and inexperienced with the Enneagram; teachers, trainers, managers, coaches, counsellors, mediators, therapists, pastoral workers, social workers  and many people searching on their own spiritual path have all found the Intensive Growth Journey profoundly helpful.  Every certified Enneagram trainer or coach has been through this training – most of them more than once, because they find it so powerful.

What will you gain from taking part?
  • profound self-knowledge and self-understanding
  • compassion for and appreciation of yourself and others
  • skills such as self-observation, self-reflection and self-management
  • progress towards mastering and relaxing your ego-pattern
  • more sustainable, satisfying and effective relationships in private life and in the work place
  • progress toward being more happy, free, effective, efficient, fulfilled, self-confident, present, conscious and grounded within yourself.

Comments from previous participants:

“I found the experience very profound and the insights helpful. I was able to join dots that I hadn’t connected before which then helped me to let some things go. I left the experience with greater energy and trust, and with ideas about how to move forward. I hadn’t appreciated before how important it is to get into our bodies to become more aware of our inner world.”   Lydia

“The training provided by the team was excellent.  The facilitators imparted a wealth of understanding that was not simply about transferring head knowledge but rooted in a commitment to their personal transformation and the open-hearted service of others on the journey.  The depth of learning, relationship and progression that occurred over just a few days is remarkable.”  Paul Wenham, General Director, Ashburnham Place

“The Enneagram in the narrative tradition is opening up my world in ways I could never have imagined.  I thought I had a really good understanding of myself and others and how I manage relationships – it has been my world for the past 30 years –  but this deeper study  has taken me, and my perspective, to a whole different level. The groundedness and authenticity of the facilitators  and safety of the style of delivery enables and encourages every participant to share a little more of their world for our personal growth. This rare insight is humbling and transformative. Thank you Rosemary and your team.” Sue Murray, Director, Sue Murray and Partners Ltd.

Venue, board and lodging

Courses take place at Hillscourt conference centre near Birmingham, or Teach Bhríde, Tullow, Co. Carlow,  Ireland.  When you receive confirmation of your registration to attend the training, you will receive all the details necessary to make your booking with the venue.

You can book your overnight accommodation outside the venue.  However, you will still need to book as a day + dinner delegate with the training venue, and our working days are long! We meet at 09:30 am on Day 1. On subsequent days we work from 8.45 am to around 9:00 pm. On the last day we finish at around 4:30/5:00 pm.

For full dates, prices and how to register, click here.
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