Foundation Programme


The 11 day Foundation Programme forms the basis for all our personal and professional work with the Enneagram.  We need to take 11 days for this programme because it is detailed and profound.

SPECIAL OFFER! Foundation Programme Package Deal. We have fabulous discounts if you enrol for the whole Foundation Programme – £1900.00. First 20 places- £1500.00

What does the Foundation Programme include?

  • Intensive Growth Journey
    Here we explore the Enneagram in depth: the nine personality structures, how the structure plays out within us, and practices for self-development and self-management.
  • Deepening Spiritual Awareness
    This course follows on from the Intensive. Here we explore the deeper tools that will help you go further on your inner growth journey.  In a reflective and supportive space, you will experience and develop practices that you can use in your own life.
  • Instincts and Subtypes
    The Subtypes show us how our motivation plays out in our daily behaviour. Here you learn how to work with the three instinctual drivers in order to balance your own life and create more harmonious relationships.

You can start your Foundation Programme journey with the Intensive or with the Subtypes workshop. However, you must complete the Intensive before you can attend Deepening Spiritual Awareness. The Foundation Programme will give you:

  • deeper understanding of yourself, and compassion for others
  • a firm grounding in the psychological Enneagram, which you will need if you want to train to use it with other people
  • the required basis for undertaking the professional qualification programmes we provide.

The Foundation Programme is not a qualification; its focus is on your own personal development. However, you will receive a certificate of completion.  The CPD value of the programme is 94.5 hours of contact time.

Course Prices

Intensive Growth Journey: Standalone price: £880.00

Deepening Spiritual Awareness:  Standalone price £704.00

Instincts and Subtypes: : Standalone Price £704.00

Special offer price if you enrol for all 3 workshops: £1900, first 20 places £1500.

ATTENTION! – if you have already attended the Intensive Growth Journey and/or Instincts and Subtypes and want to enrol for other Foundation workshops or repeat a workshop,  you can also benefit from our special offers. Please contact  us to arrange this.

Venue, board and lodging

Online courses – no accommodation costs.

For accommodation prices for face to face courses  please click here.

All our courses start at 09:30 am on Day 1. On subsequent days we work from  8.45 am to around 9:00 pm. On the last day we finish at around 4:30/5:00 pm.

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