Getting started with the Enneagram

Most people start their  Enneagram journey by attending a workshop to help them find their type and explore the psychological Enneagram.

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Many people are then fascinated and  decide that they want to explore more deeply.  The Enneagram Training Foundation Programme  gives you the essential basis for deeper self-awareness and it is also the prerequisite for professional training to use the Enneagram with other people.

If you want to use the Enneagram with other people, you must complete the Foundation Programme first.  All professional Enneagram schools insist that you begin your professional training by exploring your own type mechanism first – we can only help others  when we have experienced the power of the system and used it for our own growth.

Beginning Professional Training with the Enneagram

  • The first step is to become a Typing Process Facilitator.  Here you learn the skills to help others discover their type.  This training will also greatly deepen your knowledge and experience of types other than your own.
  • You then learn how to facilitate Panel Interviews and teach others about the Enneagram.   This teaches you how to work with groups of people in the Narrative Tradition to help them explore their type. The training also deepens your knowledge of all the type mechanisms (including your own), and teaches you the personal grounding practices you need in order to be centred when you are working with others.

 Specialised Professional Development

Once you have completed the Typing Process training you are also eligible to complete further Professional training programmes run by our associate organisations in the USA and Europe (eg training for coaches/counsellors on how to use the Enneagram with clients, how to use the Enneagram in prisons etc). Contact us to find out more.

We hope you are excited by this range of training possiblities!  Follow these links to find out more about the Foundation Programme workshops.