Getting started with the Enneagram

The Enneagram Training Foundation Programme  gives you the essential basis for deeper self-awareness. It is also the prerequisite for professional training to use the Enneagram with other people.

All professional Enneagram schools insist that you begin your professional training by completing a Foundation Programme, so that  you explore your own type mechanism and experience the power of the system before you use it with others.

Professional Training with the Enneagram

  • Once you have completed the Foundation Programme, your next step is to  become a Typing Process Facilitator.  This training teaches you the skills to help others discover their type and also greatly deepens your knowledge and experience of all the types. From there, you have two options:
  •  Enneagram Panel and Teacher training.   You learn how to work with groups of people in the Narrative Tradition to help them explore their type. You will deepen your knowledge of all the type mechanisms, and learn personal grounding practices to keep you centred when you are working with others.
  • One-to-one Practitioner training – You learn the key principles of using the Enneagram in a one-to-one context and discover the gifts and challenges of working with each Enneagram type. You will also explore your own type biases and build your skills in self-reflection, self-observation and receptive awareness.


 Follow these links to find out more about the Foundation Programme workshops.