Choosing a provider

Because the Enneagram is not trademarked, there is no need to attend a professional training before you run Enneagram workshops, and you can be a good provider without doing so.  However, many people prefer to train with one of the professional schools before they use the Enneagram with others.  The main schools are:

the Enneagram Institute and the Narrative Enneagram – in the USA and in the UK and Ireland.

Providers may also have trained with one of the following:

  • Integrative-9 in South Africa
  • Jerry Wagner’s Spectrum Training in the USA
  • Ginger Lapid-Bogda’s business programme in the USA
  • Roxanne Howe-Murphy’s Deep Coaching programme in the USA

Providers of personal, spiritual and professional development use the Enneagram in different ways.  Some versions of the Enneagram are pragmatic, practical and quick to learn; they are useful to help us understand difference in behaviour between people.  However, they may run the risk of stereotyping the 9 types because they look only at behaviour, not underlying motivation.  People of different types may behave in similar ways, but for very different reasons.

If you are choosing a provider for an Enneagram workshop, therefore, it is useful to ask your provider some questions to determine the fit of their approach with the development journey you want to take.  Below are some questions which may help you.

Possible questions for an Enneagram Provider:

  1. How did you acquire your knowledge/expertise in the Enneagram?
  2. What kind of training programmes have you attended?
  3. What method of teaching the Enneagram do you use? (didactic, narrative, etc etc)
  4. What is your belief about the role that Enneagram type plays in our life?
  5. What (if any) is your spiritual background in the Enneagram?
  6. What personal work do you do on your own Enneagram type?

You may also like to look at Enneagram Training’s Code of Ethics, which outlines the commitments that all our teachers make to their participants.  We suggest that any reputable Enneagram provider should make similar commitments to their participants.

We hope you find this information helpful; please do contact us with your comments.